Jim Carrey plants a new seed in the cornfields of Iowa

Jim Carrey gave the commencement speech recently in the cornfields of Iowa – hilarious! He was funny, wise, and at times emotional . . the graduating class of 2014 roared with laughter when he took a jab at Monsanto: “I’m here to plant a seed today. A seed that will inspire you to move forward in … Read more

The WOMEN IN THE SENATE Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Food

Our government is moving forward on mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food.    There are twenty women in the Senate, representing thirteen states. Twelve of them have already introduced or co-sponsored The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know-Act introduced and passed an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2014 Agriculture Appropriations Bill, or requested an Executive Order from President Obama … Read more

First Post

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG Now, take a moment, and consider where you were in 1992 . . .when our food was silently and secretly contaminated with GMO’s  . . without our knowledge . . and without our approval.   We can now END the contamination of our food, by telling our representatives to write President … Read more