Tom Harkin

Breakfast meeting in D.C. with Iowa Senator Tom Harkin

Chris Dodd Bill Richardson

Senator Chris Dodd and Governor Bill Richardson go on record in favor of mandatory labeling of GMO food. Hilary Clinton and Senator Obama also committed in writing to pass legislation requiring labeling of GMO food if elected president.

Organic Independence Day

(from left to right) Anne Dietrich, Jackie Dodd – wife of Senator Chris Dodd, Chris Wege, Ed Fallon – 2008 Iowa Candidate for Congress – December 17, 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa celebrating “ORGANIC INDEPENDENCE DAY.”


Here Aubrey Hampton, Founder and CEO of Aubrey Organics and Chris Wege, President of Citizens for Labeling GMO Food, share a laugh at the recent Expo West show in Anaheim, California. Aubrey Organics and other pioneering companies are working hard to maintain the integrity of the natural products industry, which is being threatened by GMO contamination.

Chris Wege

Here we are representing ‘GMO’s: Our Right to Know’ at Senator Tom Harkin’s cookout prior to the Iowa Presidential Caucus. At this event, we had the opportunity to hear all the Democratic Presidential candidates.

Chris Wege

Anne displays the banner at a recent GMO Awareness Event in Hawaii

Chris Wege

Here we see samples of public education booths and seminars at major food Expos, schools throughout America.