Our friend, Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, implores you to forward his letter (pasted below) to Senator Bernie Sanders, along with your comments (“Just Do It, Bernie!”) to Senator Sanders Presidential campaign:


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God bless Geoffrey, God bless Bernie, and God bless you!

Anne Dietrich, Truth in Labeling Coalition

Dear Senator Sanders,

I am writing you today because I feel that it is imperative that you bring federal mandatory GMO labeling into the Presidential election debate.  This issue has not been addressed at all. You are in the forefront of this project, and I want to see you as its champion nationwide.

You know who is being funded by Monsanto.  You know how aspartame got on the market.  You know how many people, animals, and trees have been decimated by agent orange (including my brother).  You know how many men died from mustard gas in the European Theater.  You also know that you are not beholden to the chemical companies who made these horrific products since the turn of the 20th century, and I know very well that you are not funded by them.

The people these companies have befriended, and who are being funded by them, cannot be trusted to secure the health and welfare of our children, grandchildren, and our nation.  The people of America deserve to know what is in our food so that we can make informed choices. Scores of countries have banned GMO’s and America is still in the dark. Be our champion and bring this issue and the people involved into the Presidential election debate.  You deserve this credit.

Do it Bernie and may God bless you.

Respectfully yours,


Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick

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