“Lobbying is what makes our government work.” ~ Nathan Gamet, Co-owner, Everybody’s Whole Foods, Fairfield, Iowa. 8:00 AM Senate Chef Cafe  – Located in the connecting corridor between the Hart Senate Office Building and the Dirksen Senate Office Building)  We will organize into delegations and make sure each meeting is covered by the appropriate delegation  9:00 … Read more

Ask Everyone!

“In my own experience, whatever interest I’m up against always seems to have more money, better lawyers, swarms of lobbyists, and the resources to go on fighting for years.  But tobacco companies, pharmaceutical makers, utilities, and government contractors share one overriding weakness:  They’re usually seeking to hide certain central facts in order to maintain some … Read more

We the People

Truth in Labeling Coalition • Organic Consumers Association • Moms Across America • JOIN US ON CAPITOL HILL FRIDAY OCT 16! FIRST CITIZENS LOBBY FOR MANDATORY LABELING OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD You’ll never know what goes on in the halls of Congress until you walk through the doors of your elected representatives yourself!   Over the … Read more