Connect the Dots

No one wants to eat genetically engineered food. No one wants to buy genetically engineered food. When it’s labeled, genetically engineered food doesn’t sell very well. When labeling of genetically engineered food is required in the U.S., food companies will stop using genetically engineered ingredients. When labeling was required in 64 other countries, they stopped producing GMO food. … Read more

Dear Mr. President – Keep your Promise – Label GMOs

Dear Mr. President, I think you have been doing an awesome job under extraordinary pressures. I appreciate you asking what We the People wanted to see you get done in the next two years.  It’s a good sign that nearly 30,000 folks wrote you back, and I’m looking forward to your State of the Union address. This is … Read more

National Call-In to Congress – Taking Back Our Food!

“Public sentiment is everything.  With public sentiment, nothing can fail.  Without it, nothing can succeed.” – Abraham Lincoln Let the President know you have his back! “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they’re buying.” – Barack Obama, November 10, 2007, Des Moines, Iowa It’s time to tell … Read more