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WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG Now, take a moment, and consider where you were in 1992 . . .when our food was silently and secretly contaminated with GMO’s  . . without our knowledge . . and without our approval.   We can now END the contamination of our food, by telling our representatives to write President Obama, and request an Executive Order to the Food and Drug Administration to label genetically engineered food. What we do now WILL make a difference – so we must act now.
When labeling of genetically engineered food is required in the United States – and it can be soon – our food will NOT be produced from ingredients that are made from genetically engineered corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets. Farmers will stop growing genetically engineered crops, because nobody wants to eat them. Farmers will grow conventional crops, and supply food manufacturers with ingredients that are not genetically engineered. The contamination of our food will be over.
I am a mother of six children and twelve grandchildren. I go to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress and the President to require labeling of genetically engineered food; so my children, and their children’s kids, will have healthy food. I have been working full-time for the past seven years to require labeling of genetically engineered food.
Do you realize that infant formula is genetically engineered?  Do you know that genetically engineered ingredients are in almost all the processed food we eat?  Do you realize that the daily diet of almost everyone in this country has been genetically engineered?
Our right to know is our responsibility. We must learn how to speak up and communicate with our representatives. We must tell the President and First Lady how we feel about genetically engineered food. They are either considering our interests they’re listening to the ‘special’ interests of Big Ag and Big Food.  Our representatives need to hear from us!

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  1. Anne,

    Great blog. Well begun is half done. I really liked the video too. It brought tears to my eyes. Anne, you are Granny Hawk. Go get ’em. We need to be able to exercise our right to feed our families plain and simple straight up, healthy and wholesome food.

    This is a right to know issue. Unless we the consumer are able to know what is in the food we buy then we cannot make an intelligent, informed choice when we buy food to feed our families. If we don’t have the basic simple right to decide what we buy and what we feed our families then we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a Corpocracy. Which is not want our Founding Fathers intended for our Great Nation and also not what we present day family fathers will tolerate either. We have not worked to build and fought to protect this nation, founded on the principles of freedom just to trade Imperial tyranny for Commercial tyranny.

    Dal Loiselle

  2. Good job Anne! Thank you for your efforts to make our world better for the lives of our children and their children. So proud of you!

  3. The reason the right to know is so important for me is that I don’t want the government, industry, or even scientists deciding FOR me what they think is safe or not safe. There are many reasons consumers make decisions about their food, including ethics, religion, and simply one’s comfort zone. Therefore, we need to have information so that we can make our own decisions.

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